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We sell our placemat ads by the month. You can also run special offers or coupons because we guarantee current everyday coverage. Our affiliated restaurants use our Marcmat and Menumats at every table setting, in every section, at all times.


Your placemat ad has a 
for maximum saturation & penetration.
Ads are guaranteed; if it's wrong it's FREE

Marcan Advertising is an authentic, full
service advertising & printing company.
We produce each month 
two different model placemats.
Standard ad sizes are 2.5” x 2.5”

Marcmat - Our traditional placemat contains ads that are placed on the restaurant's tables & features in the center the restaurant's name, hours, weekly features, events, specials & coupons.

Menumat   This placemat doubles as the restaurant's take-out menu. It features the restaurant's menu in the center, coupons at the bottom, & ads along each side. Menumats are not only used on the restaurant's tables & handed out at the counter, they're also placed in Pizza boxes & take-out & delivery order bags. When folded many get placed on refrigerator doors & bulletin boards at home & school. 

Every month we publish on our website each placemat produced for that particular month. This display enables each advertiser to review their ad and make any changes before deadline. Theyre is no charge for this service. 


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       We are the originator of
       placemat advertising in
     Central Pennsylvania.

Marcan also produces beautiful custom designed menus, menu covers, laminated menus, and other menu accessories.
Marcan prints thousands of personalized custom designed placemats for use at special events, conventions, business shows and promotions, food courts, and non-profit fund raising events, plus stock scenic and signature placemats distributed by office supply and paper products distributors nationwide.



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