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Cookbook - KNOCK-OUT THE FAT by George Foreman
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  • Title: George Foreman's Knock-Out-The-Fat Barbecue and Grilling Cookbook
  • Author: Cherie Calbom, George Foreman
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication Year: 1996
  • ISBN-10: 0679771492
  • Edition: 1
  • ISBN-13: 9780679771494 
    George Foreman, who believes good food CAN combined with good nutrition, explains how to grill foods on high heat to reduce fat content. Included are recipes for meats, fish and vegetables, all seasoned with Foreman's celebrated wit and charm.
    Length: 176 pages
    Height: 9.3 in.
    Width: 7.5 in.
    Thickness: 0.8 in.
    Weight: 14.4 oz.
    Publisher's Note
    For all his one-liners about big-time eating, George Foreman is a symbol of great food coupled with great nutrition. That his 45-year-old body has been able to endure boxing matches with fighters half his age is a tribute to hard work and careful nutrition--especially low-fat cooking. In his new, user-friendly cookbook, George explains how to prepare hearty, wonderful meals that won't stress the waistline. Illustrations.
    George Foreman knows a good meal when he sees one. And today, the world's most successful "senior citizen" athlete also knows that a good meal has got to be a healthy one. Smart nutrition has played a big part in George's amazing championship comeback, and it should also contribute to any other American's battle of the bulge. In his Knock-Out-the-Fat Barbecue and Grilling Cookbook, George, along with famed nutritionist Cherie Calbom, explains how to prepare hearty, mouth-watering meals that won't stress your waistline. When grilled over high heat, meats, poultry, fish, and vegetables not only retain more vitamins, they can have their fat content lowered, too. With easy-to-learn, simple techniques, George and Cherie show you how to raise the temperature and drop the unwanted fat.


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