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OSWALD'S TALE, by Norman Mailer
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  • Title: Oswald's Tale
  • Author: Norman Mailer
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Publication Year: 1995
  • ISBN-10: 0679425357
  • ISBN-13: 9780679425359  Additional Information about Oswald's Tale by Norman Mailer (1995, Hardcover)
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    Norman Mailer follows the life of Lee Harvey Oswald from his life in Russia to his assassination of President Kennedy. Mailer explores every facet of Oswald's character--his love of music, chess, books and photography; his inability to get along with people; his marriage to Marina; and his infatuation with rebellion, secrecy and covert operations.
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    Publisher's Note
    A portrait of Lee Harvey Oswald is based on interviews with former acquaintances and research gathered from Minsk, where Oswald hid for more than two years after defecting to the Soviet Union. 150,000 first printing. Tour.
    Industry reviews

    "It seems inevitable that Norman Mailer would do a book about Oswald and the Kennedy assassination. The combination of a violent soul lost in the void of possibility and the assassination with its vast lore of conspiracy in a promiscuous melange of high and low places is a natural subject for him."
    New York Review of Books - Robert Stone (06/22/1995)

    "Mailer is excellent on the exalted state of mind Oswald must have been in during the last couple of days before the motorcade....Mailer pays tribute to [Marina Oswald's] honesty through five days of interview, painfully searching the past for shards of truth."
    Los Angeles Times Book Review - D.M. Thomas (06/04/1995)

    "You might wonder: Why so little attention in Mailer's book to international politics, the personalities of world leaders, the effects of social class or a dozen other possible influences on events? But what he provides is entirely sufficient. The operations of a secret police bureaucracy and the urgings of sex and sexual customs turn out to have in common the quality of being unstoppable, pitiless and concentrated on ridiculously miniscule details....If only Mailer had been able to accept the inevitability of noninevitability, and to recognize that his book was bound to be a Mystery and not a Tragedy, Oswald's tale would have been genuinely grand. But, all right, there are more than enough elements of such an achievement to push you through from beginning to end, and to make you marvel at the writer's perspicacity, and at the vents, and at the cold war, and at life in the Soviet Union, and at the strength of a literary tradition that wends its way, not without getting lost sometimes, from a world of naturalism to a world that looks at naturalism and wanly smiles."
    New Republic - Paul Berman 

    "America's largest mystery has found its greatest interpreter."

    "...[H]e wanted to be famous. He had enormous desire to gain world recognition. No small ambition there. Part of his tragedy was that immense ambition when his qualifications were at best mediocre....I think the worst way to look at him is as 'the dangerous loner,' because that assumes that no matter what happened to him he was going to perform an assassination or do some incredible dastardly deed, and that's too simple....The intent of OSWALD'S TALE', you see, is not to solve the case--that's beyond my means--but to delineate for the reader what kind of man he was (that is to say, what kind of character Oswald would be in a novel), and thereby enable the reader to start thinking about which plots, conspiracies, or lone actions Oswald would have been capable of, as opposed to all the ones he would never fit."
    At Random - Norman Mailer 

    Book is in very good condition.



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