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BECAUSE HE COULD, by Dick Morris
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  • Title: Because He Could
  • Author: Dick Morris, Eileen McGann
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Publication Year: 2004
  • ISBN-10: 0060784156
  • ISBN-13: 9780060784157  
    Political consultant and former "friend of Bill" Dick Morris is making a mini-career out of writing about the Clintons, deconstructing what he sees as their many attempts to revise the historical record through their own writings. Morris's REWRITING HISTORY analyzed the many masks of Hillary Rodham Clinton, especially what he sees as her over-determined book, LIVING HISTORY. In BECAUSE HE COULD, Morris and his wife Eileen McGann see Bill Clinton's autobiography, MY LIFE, as the Rosetta stone that reveals a man who is a puzzle, a riddle, and an enigma, all in one. When he was a close advisor to Bill, back in their Arkansas days, Morris spent endless hours in his presence and thought he knew him. His Aha! moment came when he read MY LIFE. Using that book the way Freud used a patient's dreamwork, Morris and McGann dig into the historical record to counter and correct Bill's version and tease out a greater truth. Morris sees Clinton as a Jeckyll-and-Hyde personality, and, to mix literary metaphors, he considers Hillary to be a Dr. Frankenstein-like creator. This unified theory of "everything Bill" is a powerful psychological portrait and a fascinating reader's guide to Bill Clinton and his true life.
    Length: 303 pages
    Height: 9.3 in.
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    Thickness: 1.8 in.
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    Publisher's Note

    Who is Bill Clinton?

    A man whose presidency was disgraced by impeachment -- yet who remains one of the most popular presidents of our time.

    A man whose autobiography, My Life, was panned by critics as a self-indulgent daily diary -- but rode the bestseller lists for months.

    A man whose policies changed America at the close of the twentieth century -- yet whose weakness left us vulnerable to terror at the dawn of the twenty-first.

    No one better understands the inner Bill Clinton, that creature of endless and vexing contradiction, than Dick Morris. From the Arkansas governor's races through the planning of the triumphant 1996 reelection, Morris was Clinton's most valued political adviser. Now, in the wake of Clinton's million-selling memoir My Life, Morris and his wife, Eileen McGann, set the record straight with Because He Could, a frank and perceptive deconstruction of the story Clinton tells -- and the many more revealing stories he leaves untold.

    With the same keen insight they brought to Hillary Clinton's life in their recent bestseller Rewriting History, Morris and McGann uncover the hidden sides of the complicated and sometimes dysfunctional former president. Whereas Hillary is anxious to mask who she really is, they show, Bill Clinton inadvertently reveals himself at every turn -- as both brilliant and undisciplined, charming yet often filled with rage, willing to take wild risks in his personal life but deeply reluctant to use the military to protect our national security. The Bill Clinton who emerges is familiar -- reflexively blaming every problem on right-wing persecutors or naïve advisers -- but also surprising: passive, reactive, working desperately to solve a laundry list of social problems yet never truly grasping the real thrust of his own presidency. And while he courted danger in his personal life, the authors argue that Clinton's downfall has far less to do with his private demons than with his fear of the one person who controlled his future: his own first lady.

    Sharp and stylishly written, full of revealing insider anecdotes, Because He Could is a fresh and probing portrait of one of the most fascinating, and polarizing, figures of our time.

    The former Clinton advisor draws on his long relationship with the former president to reveal the true personality of Bill Clinton hidden behind the distortions of his autobiography, "My Life."

    Book is in like-new condition. Handwritten gift inscription on page 3.


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