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AMERICA BACK ON TRACK by Edward M. Kennedy
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The distinguished senior senator from Massachusetts weighs in on the present state of America under the George W. Bush administration--and he is not kind. Senator Kennedy believes that the nation has drifted far from safe shores, has lost its way, and is headed for rocky ground. In foreign policy he rejects the Bush doctrine of preventive war, and tells why. And on the domestic side he addresses the social issues he is most associated with, including health care, education, and jobs. Senator Kennedy proposes policies that in the long run he believes will make America stronger, more competitive, and more respected throughout the world. Though it is unlikely he will be a candidate for the highest office of the land, he nevertheless speaks as the dean of the Democratic party.

With a Senate career that has spanned more than four decades, Edward M. Kennedy has become one of the strongest voices in American politics. In this, his first major policy book in more than twenty years, he argues that America is at a crossroads, having departed more deeply from its fundamental ideals than at any time in its modern history. In response to this erosion of basic values, he presents a sweeping agenda for reform and renewal, speaking to the country's most significant needs at home and abroad. National security, the war in Iraq, terrorism, and key domestic challenges such as jobs, health care, education, civil rights, energy, and the environment all receive major attention in his proposals to counter the harmful policies of the current administration, restore America's respect in the world, and create a better America here at home where democracy, individual opportunity, equal justice, and innovation can flourish.--From publisher description.

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Publisher's Note
The four-decade senator identifies a crossroads in America while contending that the country has stepped away from its basic ideals, in a call for national reform that proposes changes to national security, health care, education, civil rights, energy, and the environment.
Industry reviews
""His book will probably not start the next revolution, but Kennedy's talking points and proposed solutions offer a good basis for discussion...."

 Title: America Back on Track

  • Author: Edward M. Kennedy
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Publication Year: 2006
  • ISBN-10: 0670037648
  • ISBN-13: 9780670037643

    Book is in very good condition.


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