Selling on Social Media

If you purchased an ad on social media, there are a few reasons why it might not have generated any sales.

People must usually be exposed to an ad multiple times before they will  purchase your product or service. With social media you never know who is seeing your ad or how many times they’ve seen it, but 40 or 50 likes by people from all over the world is a minute fraction of those who are exposed to everyday advertising and actually respond to it. 

Then there are always people who enjoy sabotaging social media pages, giving businesses negative reviews containing unfair and erroneous information. You're at their mercy and helpless to defend yourself againt their lies.

Many businesses are now using software that blocks emails sent to their employees from sources containing advertising messages.

A lot of people that use social media click “like” on a variety of items with no intention of ever buying any of them. Some people click “like” on every site they see just because they want to be nice and make friends. It's a favorite pastime for lonely people.

Spending dollars on a social media ad isn’t going to help you sell your product or service. You need a well-rounded ad campaign that places your ad on each restaurant's table to reach a captive audience and gets carried home to refrigerator doors and bulletin boards at school and work. 

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