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Special Features
We publish and expand on a wide selection of data that discusses unfolding issues, many featured on this website, that have affected our present day existence and our historical origins

The Plantation System - December, 2022

The plantation system in the 18th and 19th century south was founded on enslaving and subrogating thousands of decedents from African men, women, and their children.  The white planters of the 18th and 19th centuries became rich by denying the black man his freedom and his right to profit from his labor. The system justified denying the humanity to members of this black race treating them as nothing more than livestock. They were denied the existence to be human beings.

The true story of a woman who hid throughout a large plantation from her evil and depraved master in her grandmother's hot and tiny attic for 13 years! She fled into hiding to survive being repeatedly raped and enduring hard labor from sunrise to sunset. She was physically abused beginning when she was just a child. She possessed the unrivaled courage to risk her life to escape. After being taught to read and write by northern patrons, she wrote a book in 1861 telling about the horrors she had survived.

 Every word in the book are her own!  The book has been published once again in 2021 by Basket Road Press. Harriet Jacob's story continues to shock readers. Click Here 

In the United States in the early 19th century, owners of female slaves could freely and legally use them as sexual objects. This follows free use of female slaves on slaving vessels by the crews.

The slaveholder had it in his power, to violate the chastity of his slaves. And not a few are beastly enough to exercise such power. Hence it happens that, in some families, it is difficult to distinguish the free children from the slaves. It is sometimes the case that the largest part of the master's own children are born, not of his wife, but of the wives and daughters of his slaves, whom he has basely prostituted as well as enslaved.

"This vice, this bane of society, has already become so common, that it is scarcely esteemed a disgrace."

"Fancy" was a code word which indicated that the girl or young woman was suitable for or trained for sexual use. In some cases, children were also abused in this manner. The sale of a 13-year-old "nearly a fancy" is documented. Zephaniah Kingsley, Jr., bought his wife when she was 13.

Furthermore, enslaved women who were old enough to bear children were encouraged to procreate, which raised their value as slaves, since their children would eventually provide labor or be sold,


Grant honored -  December, 2022

CURRENT NEWS: GRANT IS HONORED: Finally after many years, the Senate has promoted  Ulysses Grant, former president and Civil War general to the rank of "General of the Armies". Only two other's have been bestowed with that highest rank - George Washington and John Pershing. Grant is a true American hero and had the foresight to warn us with this saved 19th century quote - "Growing as we are in population, wealth, and military power, we may become the envy of all nations which led us in all these particulars only a few years ago; and unless we are prepared for it, we may be in danger of a combined movement some day to crush us out." 

          Thank you to  Ohio Democratic Senator Shorrod Brown for attaching this rider to            the defense funding bill.