THE BLUE EYED SIX by Gary Ludwig
The complete and factual account of the infamous 19th century murder.

Gary Ludwig writes
about the 1879 murder.

The Blue Eyed Six, A Historical Narrative, Gary Ludwig’s written account of the Blue Eyed Six in booklet form is available for purchase on this website. It was originally published as a four part magazine series to note the 100th anniversary of the crime.

Six desperate men insured and then killed an old mountain man. All six had blue eyes!

Gary Ludwig cuts through the typical myths and exaggerations of many notorious events of local histories to write a condensed and thorough account of one of the most infamous 19th century murders.

It took place within the isolated, poverty-stricken community located up against the Blue Mountains in North Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, which was occupied by some of the most desperate people of the time. Arguably the first insurance murder in America and setting legal precedent - the first time conspirators went to the gallows along with those who did the actual killing.
However, while covering the trial a Philadelphia newspaper reporter's observation caused a national sensation. He reported that all six defendants had blue eyes! The story has been a firmly embedded part of Pennsylvania folklore ever since.


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Gary Ludwig speaks to groups
about the 1879 murder.

Gary Ludwig presents an entertaining program to community and business groups that inspires an increased awareness and appreciation of Pennsylvania history. His stories tell how life was during the latter years of the 19th century, detailing how our ancestors lived, and the startling changes that came to America. Ludwig goes on to tell about the infamous Raber murder, committed by six deperate men who lived in the impoverished mountain community in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. They became known as the Blue Eyed Six. Ludwig cuts through the myths and exaggerations typical of many notorious local histories to present a fascinating and thorough account of one of the most infamous 19th century murders.

Ludwig’s program also features revealing accounts of Pennsylvania German history, folklore and humor, including Pennsylvania’s participation in the Civil War.

To schedule Gary Ludwig to speak to your community or business group, email your inquiry to or mail your request to Basket Road Press, 6059 Allentown Boulevard #180, Harrisburg, PA 17112.

Gary Ludwig appears and is interviewed in the Kreider Brother's documentary film The Blue Eyed Six Movie.

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