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by Brian Saul

A true collector's item.|We have just purchased the remaining inventory of this book. When they are sold the book will be out of print. Don't pass up your chance to own this book. Glossy color photos of Conrail engines in pristine country settings. Professionally photographed - photos can be pulled out and framed..

The Blue Eyed Six 
Gary Ludwig is our current featured author. Read his thrilling account of The Blue Eyed Six. Also read his novels Mexico Road and The Angels & Demons of Hamlin. He is also the author of The Death of Doctor Gilmore's Wife, a true-life crime story about a well respected doctor accused of killig his wife while she slept.

Tommy Hinnershitz 
The Life & Times of an Auto Racing Legend 
New hardcover book from Basket Road Press.  A great collector's. item. Click here for details. Beautifully printed and expertly written by noted sports writer and broadcaster Gary Ludwig. B & W photos. Full color cover photos. 251 pp.
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