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We specialize in printing for Restaurant Owners

We feature affordable & effective ways to tell hundreds 
of people everyday about a restaurant and the food it serves.

We produce beautiful full color menus at an affordable
  price, custom designed according the restaurant's preferences.

Full Color Menus  Take-Menus  Dessert Menus

Spiral Bound Menus • Laminated Menus • Menu Covers/Inserts

Flyers • Coupons • Signs  Accessories • Apparel

 For a free consultation about our printing services
email sales@marcanadvertising.com
or call 717-270-6929 


We also feature a Menu Advertising Program

 Advertising sold by us at the bottom of each
menu page pays the costs of producing the menu.

Contact us about participating
in this advertising program.

 email: sales@marcanadvertising.com
or call 717-270-6929