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  HILLBILLY DJ - just released

This book is author Gary Ludwig’s long awaited account of how truth can many times simulate fiction. He became a part of country music radio by struggling within the precarious environment of famous and infamous people to begin working as a disc jockey, performing on stage, meeting and working with Nashville stars, gifted musicians, and agents and producers. He has produced sport and entertainment events and knows how hit records are created and marketed. He did it all while proving that country music is much more than a cultural phenomenon, it is the music of America whose spirit belongs to the world.

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             Blue Eyed Six

by author/historian Gary Ludwig

Six men insured & then kiled an old mountain man. All six had blue eyes! Originally published as a magazine series, author & historian Gary Ludwig cuts through the typical myths of many notorious events in local history to write a condensed & thorough account in booklet form of one of the most infamous 19th century murders.  

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 writer is

                                               Gary Ludwig 
                                                                                                                                     Some of his work is listed here

 Death of Dr. Gilmore's Wife  True Crime    
The Death of Dr. Gilmore's Wife is the true-life account of the 1980 death of Patricia Gilmore, the young wife of Pennsylvania physician Doctor Irwin Gilmore, who was charged with her murder. 

 Mexico Road  Thriller Set in post World War II, Mexico Road ushers you into rural Pennsylvania on a dusty countryside road where a young girl raised in a strict religious family discovers murder and forbidden romance.
♦ Tommy Hinnershitz  Biography  
He quit the Indianapolis 500 for the dirt tracks across America. Many, including A. J. Foyt, have called him the greatest dirt-track racecar driver of all time.
 The Angels & Demons of Hamlin  Thriller  This novel features a thrilling unpredictable plot. A small village becomes the battlefield for a war bettween heaven and hell.