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The History of the PA Volunteers 1869 - Bates
Professionally Restored in 2023 - 5 Volumes

Samuel P. Bates's Massive Five Volume History of the Pennsylvania Regiments in the Civil War, 1869 1st edition. Professionally restored to their exact original condition. 

These volumes contain the unit histories and the names and data of every man fro m Pennsylvana who served during the Civil War.

The 5 volume series written in 1869 is considered the standard reference of Pennsylvania's Civil War regimental rosters and histories.

THE PENNSYLVANIA VOLUNTEERS 1861-1865 was created In compliance with an act of the legislature. It took Bates 5 years to compile these volumes while he was serving as Pennsylvania State Printer, 1869 - 1871.

The 5 volumes have been professionally restored to 1st edition exact condiition. 1327p. + 1359p.+ 1379p.+ 1308p. + 1431p. Restoration included original text pages with marble end pages. All edges are marble. Books contain original inserted and attached plates and maps. Covers feature original leather and cloth bonding with each volume's titles in gold guild lettering including Pennsylvania's authentic reproduced 19th century seal. There are no missing pages and they are absent of any yellowing. It appears that the interior pages of these volumes were used very little. There are no annotations or hand markings of any kind. These volumes were published at the time by the state printer to the general public, to state and govenment agencies, to college libraries, to public libraries and bookstores as well.

NOTE: Attached is a soft cover booklet with copies of documents and correspondence describing the details that transpired during the publishing and printing of these volumes .


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