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3RD DEGREE  by James Patterson, Andrew Gross
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ISBN-13: 9780316603577

Three people are dead and a baby is missing after a mysterious explosion rips through a San Francisco neighborhood. Three days later, a businessman is murdered, and a note left behind at each scene links the two incidents. The Women's Murder Club--Detective Lindsay Boxer, Assistant D.A., Medical Examiner Jill Berhardt, Claire Washburn, and reporter Cindy Thomas--begin tracking down the perpetrator, only to find that the killer's next target is one of them. Is the Women's Murder Club about to lose a member? This is the third installment in a bestselling series.
Length: 341 pages
Height: 9.8 in.
Width: 6.8 in.
Thickness: 1.8 in.
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Publisher's Note
Detective Lindsay Boxer, Assistant D.A. Jill Bernhardt, and the other members of the Women's Murder Club race against time to find out who is responsible for a series of violent incidents, all with links to political terrorism and the sinister "August Spies," before the start of an upcoming economic summit of the world's most powerful nations in San Francisco.
Industry reviews
"[I]n the series' third installment [the Women's Murder Club series], the prolific author, working with frequent collaborator Gross...defies expectations in a shocking way. Readers will love him for it."
Publishers Weekly  (02/23/2004)

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