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MILTON S. HERSHEY - A Chocolate Covered Empire
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Author: Theresa Houck. Publisher: Basket Road Press, Inc. ISBN# 978-0-9815099-7-6. Softcover.  44 pp. 5.75" X  8.5"

Millions of tourists have visited the village of Hershey, the Milton Hershey School, the Hershey Rose Garden, Hersheypark and Arena, Hotel Hershey, Chocolate World, the Hershey Museum and the other Hershey sights, as well as enjoyed the sweet, rich brown candy made famous by Milton Snavely Hershey. He has been called a world renowned confectioner, a philanthropist and a foresighted thinker. The village built around his factory is known as Chocolatetown, U.S.A. and has a reputation for clean, well landscaped streets and houses. A second generation today runs the Hershey interests: Hershey Foods Corporation, HERCO, the Milton Hershey School, and the town services, but the originator of much to all of what has become a money making tourist attraction and a worldwide product is buried in legend and lore from a generation who worked and lived with the man.. Legends are not always accurate, usually embellished with awed or bitter memories. The following account of M.S. Hershey is the piecing together of facts and reminiscences of the man. 


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