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Political pundit and popular talk show host Al Franken follows his bestselling LIES (AND THE LYING LIARS WHO TELL THEM) with THE TRUTH (WITH JOKES). Since his previous book, the Republicans have won a this-time-uncontested presidential election, and Franken has started up Air America, the liberal radio network. The "truth" part includes the facts, data, stats, etc. with which Franken hoists the Bushcons on their own petard. And the "jokes" part? For Franken, that's also the part where he--gleefully--hoists the Bushcons on their own petard.
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Publisher's Note
Picking up where the best-selling Lies and The Al Franken Show leave off, a new work of hard-hitting political satire draws on a wide range of resources to expose the mendacity of the Bush administration and its conservative Republican supporters. By the author of Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot.
Industry reviews
"While Franken writes with a razor-sharp wit, his intention is deadly serious....Franken has the ability to entertain, illuminate and motivate."
Publishers Weekly  (10/24/2005)

"And yeah, it's funny. Which is important....Franken's got plenty of humor techniques in his quiver and most of them work."
Salon - Lynn Harris (10/25/2005)

"THE TRUTH does keep its promise to be funny about extremely unfunny matters....Like THE DAILY SHOW...the book uses the editing of on-the-record data as a devastating comic weapon."
New York Times - Janet Maslin (10/31/2005)

"[Franken] and his team of researchers specialize in zinging politicians with their own words, and that's what gives his book weight. Even better than the jokes is Franken's rollicking, journalistic enthusiasm for exposing lies, contradictions and hypocrisy."
New York Times Book Review - Carl Hiaasen (12/04/2005)


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