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  • Title: It's a Jungle Out There, Jane
  • Author: Joy Browne
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Publication Year: 1999
  • ISBN-10: 0609603574
  • Edition: 1
  • ISBN-13: 9780609603574 
    Length: 248 pages
    Height: 10.0 in.
    Width: 6.3 in.
    Thickness: 1.0 in.
    Weight: 19.2 oz.
    Publisher's Note

    Popular radio psychologist Dr. Joy Browne, the bestselling author of "The Nine Fantasies That Will Ruin Your Life (and the Eight Realities That Will Save You), " tells women everything they need to know about the male animal, covering such topics as aggression, sex, communication, and appearance.
    Whether we're talking about gorillas in the mist or guys in suburbia, it's best to study organisms in their natural habitat to understand what's really going on. And Dr. Joy Browne does just that--she takes us into the office, the home, the bar, and the bedroom to show us men at work, at play, and at leisure. A best-selling author, syndicated columnist, clinical psychologist, and radio and television talk show host, Dr. Joy is at her insightful best here as she guides you through the wild world of male-female relationships. You'll meet and learn about: >The Lion Why do men have to be kings and why is that mane so important to them? >The Top Dog Why do men always know who's up and who's down, and why do they care so much? >The Gorilla Why do men freeze when women say "We need to talk"? >The Bear Why can't men pick up after themselves around the house? >The Pack What do men do when they get together with their friends?

    Book is in very good condition.


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