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Please note: This novel contains adult language and sexual situations.

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 Publisher: Basket Road Press. Author: Gary Ludwig. 2008. 236 pp. FIRST EDITION. Softcover. 5.5" X 8.5". ISBN# 9780981509921. Also available in Hardcover.

Readers who appreciate mysteries with unpredictable plots will enjoy The Angels and Demons of Hamlin. Nobody is safe when a small, quiet village nestled in rural Pennsylvania’s farm country becomes the battlefield in a terrifying war between Heaven and Hell leading up to the Second Coming. This tense thriller, that begins in 1819 and continues to present day, puts the reader right in the middle of the horrific struggle. Pay attention or you’ll miss the twists in the story and the clues that explain how God intends to fulfill His plan.Ephriam Bernharter, the grandson of a noted Lutheran clergyman, decides to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps—he too chooses a career preaching from the pulpit. The opportunity for him to have a normal life is forever lost when he realizes that God has chosen him for a very special mission. At seminary he becomes a protégé of a wise old professor who begins extensive study of recently excavated ancient scrolls and discovers what Ephriam already suspects—he is indeed to play an important part in the miracle God has planned. Ephriam is forced to allow vicious, murderous demons to become an ever-present part of his life and soon realizes they will kill anyone, no matter how innocent and defenseless, who they suspect is threatening Satan’s evil power. Does God's will prevail?

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