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deeelicious food!

Our Italian restaurants are an ideal place for you to advertise. Everybody reads our placemats. Get to them while they're relaxed and in a good mood.

• Advertise where working men & women eat lunch & dinner

• Advertise where they take their families to eat lunch & dinner

We have a special package deal that will give you variety & consistent exposure at an affordable price. Save money when you plan your advertising in a steady and consistent schedule. An extra feature allows you to change your ad each month. Caruso's Restaurants are high volume & feature sit down tables with wait staff

Caruso's Restaurant Schaefferstown
Caruso's Restaurant Rothsville
Caruso's Restaurant Lancaster 

FOR 6 MONTHS -  $995.

Order your ads at 717-270-6929 or order online Package 7
A $35 processing fee is added to 1st time orders

  Get out the word and tell
them about you!

Get thousands of people to

 read about your business everyday!

Ad space is available at Kountry Kitchen,
Manheim Gabby's Bistro, Lebanon J & S Pizza, Bethel (I-78) Francisco's, Fredericksburg Soda Jerk, Hershey Promenade Resturant, Lawton Colony House, Mechanicsburg Yankee Doodle Restaurant, Wormleysburg  Marysville Diner, Marysville Caruso's Restaurant Schaefferstown Caruso's Restaurant, Rothsville & Caruso's Restaurant, Lancaster.

Placemat Ads
at 1
 restaurant for 6 months
Ad may be changed or relocated each month
Payment with order - $595
A $35 processing charge is added to 1st time orders

Order your ads at 717-270-6929 or order
 online Package 8

IMPORTANT: We will e-mail you each month images of all placemats. Do a search to find the placemats containing your ads. This email will contain information and will notify you of the deadline for next month's placemat and allow you to email, fax, or phone changes to the content of your ad or to relocate it.