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A Selection of  Books written by Gary Ludwig

MEXICO ROAD - The novel Mexico Road is not about Mexico. It's about a dusty dirt road in Pennsylvania that leads to sex and murder. People would rather keep to themselves than stick their noses in the affairs of others. While it may enable a simpler less troubled life, minding your own business often allows bad things to happen around you—because no one steps in to cause otherwise. Open your mind to how being mindful can very well save the day in Gary Ludwig’s novel, Mexico Road
Set in post World War II, Mexico Road ushers you into rural Pennsylvania on a dusty countryside road, named by veterans returning from the Mexico War, that winds around a farm, the home of a beautiful Pennsylvania German girl raised in a strict religious faith. The girl’s name is Martha Dern and her rebellious behavior and fascination with detective work has gotten her in trouble more than once. And to further complicate things, her family and church leaders have forbidden her to be with the boyfriend she is meeting secretly and hopelessly in love with. But in this story, her snooping around has landed her right into the pit of danger where she has only her wits to get her out alive. A band of racist murderers in the county have a grand plan and sinister mission and Martha stumbles onto them and their plot. She’s in hot water now, but her gritty character and unexpected love have her compelled to escape death and perhaps bag the bad guys.


THE ANGELS & DEMONS OF HAMLIN -  Readers who appreciate mysteries with unpredictable plots will enjoy the novel The Angels and Demons of Hamlin. Nobody is safe when a small, quiet village nestled in rural Pennsylvania’s farm country becomes the battlefield in a terrifying war between Heaven and Hell leading up to the Second Coming. This tense thriller, that begins in 1819 and continues to present day, puts the reader right in the middle of the horrific struggle. Pay attention or you’ll miss the twists in the story and the clues that explain how God intends to fulfill His plan. Ephriam Bernharter, the grandson of a noted Lutheran clergyman, decides to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps—he too chooses a career preaching from the pulpit. The opportunity for him to have a normal life is forever lost when he realizes that God has chosen him for a very special mission. At seminary he becomes a protégé of a wise old professor who begins extensive study of recently excavated ancient scrolls and discovers what Ephriam already suspects—he is indeed to play an important part in the miracle God has planned. Ephriam is forced to allow vicious, murderous demons to become an ever-present part of his life and soon realizes they will kill anyone, no matter how innocent and defenseless, who they suspect is threatening Satan’s evil power.

THE BLUE EYED SIX -  Gary Ludwig cuts through the typical myths and exaggerations of many notorious events of local histories to write a condensed and thorough true account of one of the most infamous 19th century murders.
It took place within the isolated, poverty-stricken community located up against the Blue Mountains in north Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, which was occupied by some of the most desperate people of the time. Arguably the first insurance murder in America and setting
 legal precedent - the first time conspirators went to the gallows along with those who did the actual killing.

However, while covering the trial a Philadelphia newspaper reporter’s observation caused a national sensation. He reported that all six defendants had blue eyes! The story has been a firmly embedded part of Pennsylvania folklore ever since.

THE DEATH OF DR. GILMORE'S WIFE - Patricia Ann Wolfe was a child of the 1960’s—born in 1944 amid the social revolution that occurred after World War II.  She was raised in Muhlenberg, a suburb of Reading, Pennsylvania, located a hundred miles or so northwest of Philadelphia that included among others the small towns of Temple and Laureldale.
She was popular in school, although at times distant. Many considered her the most beautiful girl in her Muhlenberg High School graduating Class of 1962.

Accused of killing her was her much older husband, the beloved and respected Doctor Irvin Gilmore, known as an eccentric with an intense commitment to his patients.  He was arrested and charged with criminal homicide. Her tragic death and the subsequent prosecution of Doctor Gilmore marked the beginning of a long, tangled web of legal proceedings that matched a determined team of prosecutors against a shrewd and well-respected defense attorney.


Many have called him the greatest dirt-track Sprint Car driver of all time. This exciting biography of Tommy Hinnershitz, by veteran novelist/sportswriter Gary Ludwig, is a superb account of the life and times of this racecar driver who became an auto-racing legend.
This hardcover book is a fascinating history of the Sprint Car, telling how it evolved, beginning during the first few years of the 1900s, to become the true American race car. You'll read about the drivers, mechanics, owners, and promoters who spent their American ingenuity and willpower to invent, innovate, and engineer the development of the automobile through high speed rough and tough competition. You'll learn more about the early champions, including Ted Horn, Joie Chitwood, Jimmy Bryan, Johnny Thomson, and many more. They were Hinnershitz's rivals during a career that began in 1928 and spanned five decades. Racing and winning on the dusty dirt horse tracks at state and county fairs across America earned Hinnershitz a chance to race against the best drivers, and eventually a  chance to race in the Indianapolis 500.


This book is author Gary Ludwig’s long awaited account of how truth can many times simulate fiction. He became a part of country music radio by struggling within the precarious environment of famous and infamous people to begin working as a disc jockey, performing on stage, meeting and working with Nashville stars, gifted musicians, and agents and producers. He has produced sport and entertainment events and ran a cable radio station in the Washington, D.C. area. He knows how hit records are created and marketed. He did it all while proving that country music is much more than a cultural phenomenon, it is the music of America whose spirit belongs to the world.

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