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Booksignings & Appearances
Author: Gary Ludwig

Gary Ludwig appears before groups speaking about The Blue Eyed Six, Pennsylvania German culture and humor, the history of American automobile racing, and ethics in marketing. 
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click here. To schedule Gary Ludwig to speak before your group e-mail info@hodgepodgeusa.com

February 18, 2018. Gary Ludwig will speak at the Lebanon County Historical Society, Lebanon, PA 

                                                                         Auto Racing

Ludwig's biography of  Indy 500 auto-racing legend Tommy Hinnershitz, a best selling motorsports book in America and internationally, was published in 2009. To schedule Gary Ludwig to speak and entertain your group with his interesting and inspiring program about the history of auto-racing, contact Hodge Podge USA Writer's Services.  E-mail info@hodgepodgeusa.com 

Gary Ludwig is also available as a keynote speaker and/or a master of ceremonies for auto-racing related events such as banquets and award ceremonies,  When performing master of ceremonies duties, Ludwig includes serious and comical stories about memorable events during the early, modern, and present days of auto racing, For for more information contact HodgePodge USA Writer's Services. E-mail   info@hodgepodgeusa.com    
                                                                        Blue Eyed Six

Ludwig is currently scheduling his program "The Blue Eyed Six" for upcoming dates. For more information contact Hodge Podge USA Writer's Services. E-mail info@hodgepodgeusa.com  

Ludwig presents an interesting program about how life was during the latter years of the 19th century, detailing how our ancestors lived, and the startling changes that came to America. Ludwig goes on to tell about the infamous Raber murder, committed by six deperate men who lived in the impoverished mountain community in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. They became known as The Blue Eyed Six. Ludwig cuts through the myths and exaggerations typical of many notorious local histories to present a fascinating and thorough account of one of the most infamous 19th century murders. Ludwig appears in the Krieder Brothers produced documentary film "The Blue Eyed Six Movie".  Copies of the booklet containing his 1979 magazine articles about the crime are available for sale at all his appearances.
                                                                     Ethics in Marketing

Ludwig talks to business people about making a profit while at the same time giving clients and customers better products and better service than their competitors do. He teaches how business people can earn maximum confidence from their customers, co-workers and suppliers through simple and consistent ethical business practices.  For more information
contact Hodge Podge USA Writer's Services. E-mail info@hodgepodgeusa.com